Need help with cartographer_ros

asked 2019-04-23 07:23:31 -0500

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Hey all, I was trying to build 3D map using catographer_ros. I am very much new to this. So I have the below observations. I was able to manage to view the map on rviz. I am attaching it below.

a. Side view

image description

b. Top view (red shades are from /map and points are from /scan_matched_points2 topic)

image description

c. Some random view

image description

I can see this only throughout my path. So my understanding is below,

  1. It is showing the data only for that instance. It is not building the whole map (as hector_mapping does). Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. The map remains tilted like that. Not sure why it remains like that and how to fix.

Now I am coming to my goal.

  1. I want to save the complete 3D map of the tunnel. I am following the link ( https://google-cartographer-ros.readt... ). So is it necessary to have both .bag and .pbstream file to build the complete map?

  2. If the answer is 'yes', will I see the whole 3D map after it?

If anyone can provide any simple tutorial, that would be great.

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