Is the move_base node application-specific?

asked 2019-04-05 04:58:10 -0500

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The ROS Wiki page says specifically that

The move_base package provides an implementation of an action (see the actionlib package) that, given a goal in the world, will attempt to reach it with a mobile base.

1) So, does it necessarily need local_planner and global_planner? 2) Can I configure it to use as a waypoint follower with velocity smoothening. 3) Is it map specific? 4) Given list of coordinates that the robot has to strictly follow. Can it follow with a smooth velocity profile witout the use of any depth sensor(no local-costmap, local-planner)?

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  • is it application specific
  • is it map specific

Taking your question slightly differently, but I think the answer is no to both, unless you mean: is the use of a map a requirement?

A specific configuration of move_base will be application-specific, the node itself is not (unless we consider "2D navigation" as an application).

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2019-04-05 05:44:41 -0500 )edit

Thats not what I meant when I said application-specific. I mean to ask that suppose I only have /odom data and given curve of points that the vehicle need to traverse without any obstacle avoidance. Will the move_base node help?

shubhamv gravatar image shubhamv  ( 2019-04-05 06:20:58 -0500 )edit