Python package node behaving differently between simulated and real UR5 bot

asked 2019-03-15 15:35:09 -0500

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updated 2019-03-18 20:15:24 -0500

Following the examples listed at , I have successfully configure and pinged an IP address in my ur5 teachpad. From my commanline, I issue the various roslaunch commands with the IP address and I am able to control the robot with the moveit package .

My custom python package is all about moving the ur5 end effector to a different pose. In the gazebo simulation the robot moves but when I tried executing on a real robot, nothing happens. I know the go function is what executes code on a live robot (my package is based on and uses moveit), as my code below show:

  def move_to_pose(self, pose):


    plan = self.manipulator.plan()

    self.manipulator.execute(plan) # display the trajectory in rviz. Follow the already computed plan 
    self.manipulator.go(wait=True) # execute in real robot
    self.manipulator.stop() # ensure there is no residual movement
    self.manipulator.clear_pose_targets() # clear targets after planning with poses

I would appreciate some help. I'm not sure why the simulation works but the live robot does not.

Any advice on how to diagnose this disconnect, please.

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