Control robot by simulation environment

asked 2019-03-04 03:58:49 -0500

KSWang gravatar image

Hi everyone. I have two questions bother me for a long time and these stuck my project.

The first one, I want to control my robot with a fake map.(using mapserver with map.png and map.yaml) However, this fake map is created by real data from real environment. Because I don't have laser to build 3D map and only set 6 ultra sensors on my robot. So, I'm wondering is there anyway that I can set the moving plan, obstacle avoidance (in global map) and execute the plan by simulation. for example, making a trace planning on rviz (or gazebo)and make the robot do it in same way(I know it must be inaccurate).

The second one, My robot is a non-holonomic self driving car and control by one dc motor(forward and backward) and servo motor(steering). I already made a simple urdf for my robot, but I'm not sure how to measure the real data of kinetics of my robot, like I'm not sure how to measure the rotating speed of my robot and what is the proper way to measure the linear speed.

Appreciated for any suggestion and welcome for any question if I doesn't make my question clear, thank you.

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