Constructing map and fusing position in orb_slam

asked 2019-03-01 06:35:53 -0600

EdwardNur gravatar image

I am testing this package which is ORB_SLAM 2 but revised and cleaned:


From the launch file rs_camera.launch I can see that the author simply creates TF between camera_link and map. Now I have a question of how to create a map (occupancy_grid map) and fuse the position to robot_localization package.

If you look inside here LINK you can see how the position is being extracted from frames (correct me here if I am wrong) and TF between MAP and Camera is being created.

Will I be wrong here if I:

  1. Remove the map frame
  2. Get that TF above and fuse as odometry message to robot_localization package as a global sensor
  3. Use point cloud to laser converter
  4. Use converted point clouds as the input to gmapping and perform SLAM.
  5. orb slam has a localizer but I guess it works with point clouds so I can use that on the future instead of AMCL.
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