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Transform tree damaged after upgrading ROS

asked 2019-02-11 04:23:31 -0500

JoseJaramillo gravatar image

Hello ROS community,

I am trying to upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS kinetic + Gazebo 7 to Ubuntu 18.04 + Ros Melodic + Gazebo 9.

I have a ROSLaunch file that runs gazebo with an environment and a node that publishes the ground truth position of the urdf robot. However, when running the node after the upgrade I get the error:

[ERROR] [1549876249.264445531, 7.551000000]: "odom" passed to lookupTransform argument target_frame does not exist. 
[ERROR] [1549876249.795771873, 8.077000000]: Lookup would require extrapolation at time 7.555000000, but only time 7.051000000 is in the buffer, when looking up transform from frame [camera_link] to frame [odom]

The transformation tree looks like this:

image description

while in the previous version looked like this:

image description

The launch file is:


  <!-- Launch the empty world -->
  <include file="$(find gazebo_ros)/launch/empty_world.launch">
    <arg name="world_name" value="worlds/"/> 
    <arg name="paused" value="false"/>
    <arg name="use_sim_time" value="true"/>
   <arg name="gui" value="true"/>
    <arg name="recording" value="false"/>
    <arg name="debug" value="false"/>

  <!-- Spawn the apartment into Gazebo -->
  <arg name="environment" default="test_apartment_2" />

  <node name="spawn_sdf" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="spawn_model" 
        args="-sdf -file $(find lucrezio_simulation_environments)/models/$(arg environment)/model.sdf -model $(arg environment)" />

    <!-- Upload object locations and spawn them into Gazebo-->
    <include file="$(find lucrezio_simulation_environments)/launch/upload_object_locations.launch">
    <arg name="environment" value="$(arg environment)" />

  <node name="spawn_objects" pkg="lucrezio_simulation_environments" type="" args="all"/>

  <!-- push robot_description to factory and spawn robot in gazebo -->
  <arg name="model" default="$(find lucrezio_simulation_environments)/urdf/lucrezio_with_logical.urdf.xacro"/>
  <param name="robot_description" command="$(find xacro)/xacro $(arg model)" />
  <node name="urdf_spawner" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="spawn_model"
        args="-z 1.0 -unpause -urdf -model robot -param robot_description" respawn="false" output="screen" />

  <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="camera_link_broadcaster" args="0 0 0 -0.5 0.5 -0.5 0.5 /camera_link /camera_depth_optical_frame 20" />
  <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="base_footprint_broadcaster" args="0 0 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 /base_footprint /base_link 20" />

  <!-- start state publishers -->
  <node name="joint_state_publisher" pkg="joint_state_publisher" type="joint_state_publisher" />
  <node pkg="robot_state_publisher" type="robot_state_publisher"  name="robot_state_publisher"/>
<!--    <param name="publish_frequency" type="double" value="100.0" />

  <!-- Run the controller manager -->
  <rosparam command="load" file="$(find lucrezio_simulation_environments)/config/diffdrive.yaml" ns="lucrezio" />
  <node name="lucrezio_controller_spawner" pkg="controller_manager" type="spawner" args="lucrezio --shutdown-timeout 3"/>


and the node:

#include <iostream>
#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <tf/tf.h>
#include <tf/transform_datatypes.h>
#include <tf/transform_listener.h>
#include <tf/transform_broadcaster.h>
#include <gazebo_msgs/LinkStates.h>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <sensor_msgs/LaserScan.h>
#include <message_filters/subscriber.h>
#include <message_filters/synchronizer.h>
#include <message_filters/sync_policies/approximate_time.h>
#include <lucrezio_simulation_environments/LogicalImage.h>

class PoseBroadcaster{
  PoseBroadcaster(ros::NodeHandle nh_):
    _synchronizer.registerCallback(boost::bind(&PoseBroadcaster::filterCallback, this, _1, _2));

  void filterCallback(const lucrezio_simulation_environments::LogicalImage::ConstPtr &logical_image_msg,
                      const sensor_msgs::LaserScan::ConstPtr &laser_msg){
    ros::Time laser_stamp = laser_msg->header.stamp;
    tf::StampedTransform camera_odom_tf;
                                camera_odom_tf ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2019-02-20 06:57:20 -0500

JoseJaramillo gravatar image

The problem was that /odom wasn't published by the diff_drive_controller, I run sudo apt install ros-melodic-desktop-full. Apparently, the ros-melodic-gazebo-ros-control was missing, after installing it, everything worked correctly.

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