ros1: melodic realsense_camera r200

asked 2019-02-09 10:00:49 -0500

ChriMo gravatar image

updated 2019-02-09 10:02:41 -0500

Hello community,

I've noticed that intel and ros1 melodic did not support realsense_camera any more (and all related libraries, no debs available).

Has somebody tried to use r200 cameras successlully with ros melodic ?

Thanks for any feedback



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I compiled all related packages from scratch. Patches for realsense were neccessary, but now packages start.

to be continued... :-(

ChriMo gravatar image ChriMo  ( 2019-02-13 03:03:59 -0500 )edit

hello, Some news about it. R200 is running on melodic?

arnaldojr gravatar image arnaldojr  ( 2019-09-09 11:34:10 -0500 )edit