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rosdep and ROS2?

asked 2018-12-14 12:04:05 -0500

kyrofa gravatar image

Can anyone tell me the status of rosdep with regards to ROS2? I'm a little confused by the ROS2 from-source guide since it actually does use rosdep, but only after installing a ton of dependencies by hand. Contrast that with the same guide for ROS1, which only installs enough to get rosinstall files and merge them into a workspace before using rosdep to get all the dependencies.

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answered 2018-12-14 12:23:08 -0500

Dirk Thomas gravatar image

The instructions explicitly install dependencies not covered by rosdep keys in ROS packages, e.g. build-essential, cmake, and some tools. That is pretty similar to the ROS 1 instructions in the first section "Installing bootstrap dependencies".

In ROS 2 we additionally need to install a few pip packages just because the available Debian packages are too old.

Anything beyond that is coming in via rosdep - as in ROS 1.

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