How are we supposed to use the vp8 stream option of web_video_server

asked 2018-11-10 14:12:10 -0600

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updated 2018-11-11 07:13:57 -0600

The docs on the wiki mentions a vp8 stream option, but I can't figure out how to consume it. I tried putting it as a source on a video tag but there's an extreme amount of lag which makes it unusable. I assume I'm doing something wrong, but I can't know since it's not really documented. Even a simple example would be great.

<video autoplay>
 <source src="http://localhost:8888/stream?topic=mytopic&type=vp8" type="video/webm">
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In general please provide a concrete example that you've tried. Ref.

130s gravatar image130s ( 2018-11-11 03:07:37 -0600 )edit

I edited my question with an example, but it's as I already said in it. I tried putting it directly in a video tag and it didn't work.

IceSentry gravatar imageIceSentry ( 2018-11-11 07:15:37 -0600 )edit