left hand coordinate system visualization in Rviz

asked 2018-11-05 08:33:52 -0500

makhfi gravatar image

I have been trying to write a tf transform from the standard ROS right handed coordinate system to left hand coordinate system , but I have been unable to achieve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What i tried so far is presented below.

tf::Transform tf;
tf::Matrix3x3 m(1,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1);
tf::Quaternion q;

and then broadcast this trabsform

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AFAIK, none of TF was designed to work with left-handed coordinate systems, and I would not expect broadcasting or visualization to work properly: http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0103.html...

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2018-11-05 20:08:27 -0500 )edit

When I've run into left-handed coordinates, I've done as this answer says and manually swapped an axis.

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2018-11-05 20:09:08 -0500 )edit