Gripper Action Controller setup for air controlled 2-finger gripper

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Hello All!

I am trying to configure an air controlled gripper that I am using with a Fanuc LRMate 200id. What I am trying to do is interface with a Python node that I have written that publishes the state (bool) of the gripper, either open or closed. I would like to use gripper_action_controller to be able to send/recieve goals/feedback/results. As in so far, I have edited the controllers.yaml file in my MoveIt! config directory. This is what my controllers.yaml file looks like:

  - name: ""
    action_ns: joint_trajectory_action
    type: FollowJointTrajectory
    joints: [joint_1, joint_2, joint_3, joint_4, joint_5, joint_6]
  - name: "gripper_controller"
    action_ns: gripper_cmd
    type: GripperCommand
        - gripper_joint

Thank you!

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As in so far, I have edited the controllers.yaml file in my MoveIt! config directory

well that would seem to be the first step.

But I don't see an actual question in your post.

What is not working for you? What did you do? How did you try to diagnose it yourself?

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2018-10-30 03:04:36 -0500 )edit

Well, I am not sure how to proceed. I wat to be able to use things like Pick and Place with MoveIt! however I cannot find any detailed instructions on how to set up a custom/non-pc connected gripper.

jav_solo gravatar image jav_solo  ( 2018-10-30 11:09:46 -0500 )edit

Please see whether the answer to #q198706 provides enough hints. For open/close grippers, the process would basically come down to implementing a GripperCommand action server that maps joint angles to open/close states of your gripper.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2018-10-30 15:49:40 -0500 )edit