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Do local and remote machines have to run the same version of ROS ?

asked 2018-10-14 00:05:14 -0500

elpidiovaldez gravatar image

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04, and with it ROS Melodic Morenia on my workstation. I have a Raspberry Pi based bobot running Lubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic Kame. Will these machines be able to communicate, or will I have to try and upgrade the Pi to 18.04 with Melodic too ?

I have already tried to make this work. The workstation sees topics being published on the Pi. However I see a raspicam_node on the Pi publishing at 10 hz on the Pi. When I check the rate of raspicam_node, on the workstation, rostopic says that no messages have been published. I need to determine if this is because the versions of ROS are incompatible, or if I am doing something else wrong.

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answered 2018-10-14 00:23:43 -0500

Hamid Didari gravatar image

As long as the specific messages have not been changed between the two ROS distributions it should be work fine maybe your ip address didn't set correctly

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Yes , from my experience , it works fairly well across different variants .

chrissunny94 gravatar image chrissunny94  ( 2018-10-15 00:11:16 -0500 )edit

I remember having huge problems with some marker messages when I was using a combo ROS Kinetic + ROS Indigo. I would highly recommend sticking to the same distro if possible

msadowski gravatar image msadowski  ( 2018-10-15 11:42:27 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-10-15 12:36:39 -0500

KinWah gravatar image

I am new to ROS too and below are some of my experiences

1) Both workstation and the mobile robot can have different rosdistro. My current setup is Lunar + Kinect

2) Never forget to export the following three things in your terminal or ~/.bashrc. All the addresses below are for display purpose. It is different for everyone. In my case, without any one of them, the whole thing will not work.

  • #export ROS_MASTER_URI= (address displayed on workstation's roscore)
  • #export ROS_HOSTNAME= (address of master/slave)
  • #export ROS_IP= (address of master/slave)

3) Lastly, try synchronize time of both workstation and the mobile robot. For example, try sudo ntpdate (Address of master) on your mobile robot either by ssh or ~/.bashrc

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