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Using collision_map in environment_server for arm_navigation

asked 2012-03-23 06:23:51 -0600

felix k gravatar image

updated 2012-03-26 03:44:57 -0600

AHornung gravatar image

As what I read it should be possible to put the kinect pointcloud into the collider node, and then put the published costmap into the environment_server of planning_environment.

I see both pointcloud and costmap in rviz, but the validity checker ignores it. Regarding to rosnode, the environment_server isn't listening to a collision_map typed topic at all.

What I configured:

  • In my once generated planning_scene_warehouse_viewer_robotname[_real].launch I set use_collision_map to true.
  • I had to remove the 4-line-include<include file="$(find > planning_environment)/launch/environment_server.launch"> and run it separately, because else one node keeps crying and nothing works:
[ INFO] [1332518882.807188537, 1332518882.801862955]: Waiting for environment 
server planning scene registration service /register_planning_scene
[ INFO] [1332518882.935278639, 1332518882.932450056]: waitForService: Service 
[/register_planning_scene] has not been advertised, waiting...
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1 Answer

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answered 2012-03-26 03:23:55 -0600

felix k gravatar image

The error was, that use_collision_map actually wasn't enabled for the environment_server.

I had used roslaunch --args to produce a command for that 4-lines-include. But that was totally ignoring the include args like use_collision_map, therefore it didn't crash because of no map, but also was working without a map.

The collider has to be started with the following to match the environment_server's default topic. Like it's in the default launch file.

<remap from="collision_map_out" to="collision_map_occ" />
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