The difference between ros_control or rtt_ros_control?

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My ultimate goal is to implement real-time control in ros in order to make biped balance. And, I am relatively new to real-time control.

  1. In ROSCon-2014: ros_control: An overview, Adolfo explains the whole idea about ros_control. It is said that you can achieve real-time control using ros_control.


-> From my point of view, I can get IMU data in real-time and receive data and send commands to controller in real-time, then I shall be able to balance biped in real-time. Am I right?

2. However, I watched another roscon video - ROSCon-2017: How to design ROS-powered robots. He said that, "ros_control is component that running in orocos"


-> What does that suppose to mean?

-> Do we really need to install orocos in order to use ros_control?

3. Also, there are 2 repos related to ros_control.

-> Could anyone please explain their differences?

Thank you all in advance. :-)

Kaixian QU

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