RGBDSLAMv2 remote online mapping visualization problems in RViz

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as I already mentioned in earlier posts, I am attempting to remotely build a map in real-time with RGBDSLAM over Wifi (if possible). I have Raspberry Pi 3 on my robot with Kinect XBOX 360 from which I am streaming RGB and depth images while on my workstation side I run RGBDSLAM.

I managed to successfully build a map with GUI enabled, but in case of headless mapping after using rosservice calls

rosservice call /rgbdslam/ros_ui_b pause false

rosservice call /rgbdslam/ros_ui send_al

and subscribing to /rgbdslam/batch_cloud topic in Rviz I can only visualize the point cloud of environment in the direction that camera is facing atm. I want to visualize an incrementally building of map in RViz like it is done in RGBDSLAM GUI.

I noticed that I get "No Map received" warning even if the map node is published and part of /tf. My tf look like this. In RViz tf is "jumping around" the grid so I suspect something is not right with it even no error/warning is produced. Shouldn't the transform be with /map as the root of tree like /map --> /odom --> /base_link --> /camera_link --> ... I can't seem to get it right even after fideling with params some time. The current setting is like this:

<param name="config/fixed_frame_name"              value="/map"/>
<param name="config/ground_truth_frame_name"       value=""/><!--empty string if no ground truth-->
<param name="config/odometry_tpc"                  value="/odom"/><!-- should be of type nav_msgs/Odometry -->
<param name="config/use_robot_odom"                value="true"/><!-- activate -->
<!--<param name="config/use_robot_odom_only"       value="false"/>-->
<!--<param name="config/odom_frame_name"           value="/odom"/>--> <!-- the fixed coordinate frame according to odometry -->
<!--<param name="config/odom_target_frame_name"    value="/base_link"/> -->
<param name="config/base_frame_name"               value="/base_link"/> <!-- the robot's position, era base_link padrao -->
<param name="config/odometry_information_factor"   value="1"/><!-- weight for the odometry edges in the pose graph -->

Can somebody guide me how to resolve this issues? It would be much appreciated.

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