rplidar A2 amcl parameters

asked 2018-08-04 13:48:22 -0600

dan gravatar image

I am using an rplidar A2 for mapping and for localization. I have two different platforms, one is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and the other is an Intel NUC. Both are running ROS Kinetic. I am wondering if someone has optimized the amcl parameters for use with the A2.

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@dan Did you find the parameters?

stevemartin gravatar image stevemartin  ( 2019-01-13 11:29:07 -0600 )edit

My case is similar. I use RPLIDAR A1 and raspberry Pi 3b +. Have you found any parameter optimization for amcl and RPLIDAR A1?

mateusguilherme gravatar image mateusguilherme  ( 2019-11-05 07:21:01 -0600 )edit