Ubuntu 14.04 Install ROS Indigo with Boost 1.64/1.67

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I am on Ubuntu 14.04 and I would like to install ROS Indigo but with a small difference.

On Ubuntu 14.04 the libboost-dev and libboost-all-dev are linked to libboost1.54-dev and libboost1.54-all-dev respectively. ROS Indigo installed from the package manager is depending on libboost-dev and libboost-all-dev.

I need to install from source OMPL which requires (to fully work) Boost 1.64+ (because of the Numpy library).

I have package A that is a catkin package (located under ~/catkin_ws/src).

I wrote a Python script that imports some Python code (compiled with Boost from package A) and also imports from the OMPL library. If OMPL is compiled/linked with Boost 1.64+ and ROS/Catkin with system boost (libboost1.54-all-dev) then I will get a segmentation fault when running the Python script because two Boost versions are mixed (as a result of importing package A and OMPL).

My question is how to tackle this obstacle? Can I install ROS and Catkin such that they use a local Boost version (i.e 1.64) so they are consistent?

In the past, I messed up with my system because ROS Indigo was installed with Boost 1.54 and when I was running catkin_make -DBoost_DIR=/path/to/boost1.64/installation -DBOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost1.64/installation -DBoost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS=ON -DBoost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS="1.54;1.54.0" the compile won't complete there were always errors regarding Boost 1.64. So I am not sure why I can't compile my catkin packages with different Boost version. Is it because ROS Indigo was installed with Boost 1.54 and that's what creates the incompatibility?

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