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asked 2018-06-15 05:24:31 -0500

vishal_rawat gravatar image

To disable FastRTTPS DDS and build with RTI connext, it is written that i need to put an AMENT_IGNORE file in the src/ePROSIMA folder. Does that mean, placing a blank text file named AMENT_IGNORE ? How can I get to know that which DDS vendor it is using to build ?

Is this the right usage ? export RMW_IMPLEMENTATION = rmw_connext_cpp

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answered 2018-06-15 05:42:31 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2018-06-15 05:43:26 -0500

Please see #q208180 (and #q292147).

Replace CATKIN with AMENT.

Also: please use the search (or google).

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