How to MoveBaseClient into move_base node ?

asked 2018-06-10 13:20:23 -0600

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How can I put MoveBaseClient into the move_base node ?


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I don't understand the question. Please Elaborate on what you want to do... I guess #q293714 is a duplicate?

mgruhler gravatar imagemgruhler ( 2018-06-11 01:21:51 -0600 )edit

Yes.I try to put this code (simpeActionClient) into the move_base node.I define in move_base ac_=new MoveBaseClient( "/move_base", true); But I get an error: cannot convert ‘move_base::MoveBaseClient* to ‘move_base::MoveBaseActionServer.

Developer gravatar imageDeveloper ( 2018-06-11 03:46:34 -0600 )edit

are you sure this is ac_ = new ... and not as_ = new ...? Please also Elaborate about the "why" of your Task, to avoid a possible xy-Problem.

mgruhler gravatar imagemgruhler ( 2018-06-11 04:23:49 -0600 )edit

okey.Thanks for attention.I try to put MoveBaseClient into move_base node.My aim is to send a goal from another service(also in move_base)to the MoveBaseClient and it will transfer this goal to the MoveBaseActionServer.The above problem was a misspelling problem I solved,but I system still not works

Developer gravatar imageDeveloper ( 2018-06-11 04:38:38 -0600 )edit

I hope this explanation was clear. Basically, I try to put MoveBaseClient and MoveBaseActionServer in a same node.

Developer gravatar imageDeveloper ( 2018-06-11 06:14:32 -0600 )edit