node handle.serviceClient -- for a python connection??

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How do I set up the service in cpp code template which references a python service? The example for cpp client requires a .h file for the service:

2        #include "beginner_tutorials/AddTwoInts.h" 
15       ros::ServiceClient client = n.serviceClient<beginner_tutorials::addtwoints>("add_two_ints"); 

But even by looking at the github sources for node_handle, I'm not able to figure out the way to call this when the service is python based. The examples / tutorials further illustrate that cpp client can talk to a python service (and the other way around), but this is based on building both client and service in their respective worlds.

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The key to this turned out to be finding "AddTwoInts.h". despite triple checking my CMakelists.txt and package.xml files I could not get catkin to "autogenerate" this file. Instead I found it in the hydro examples and used it as is. This then worked. Not a satisfactory solution! (there is an earlier question from 2011 with this same issue which was never answered!)

blakeh gravatar image blakeh  ( 2014-05-02 06:20:27 -0600 )edit