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Laser reading not between range_min and range_max! [closed]

asked 2018-06-08 03:37:24 -0500

ryuzaki gravatar image

Hi, i'm trying to use nav2d package on turtlebot3 for autonomous exploration(third tutorial). When i launch it, everything seems to work, except for the fact that rqt_console shows the warning "Laser reading not between range_min and range_max!". Looking the messages published on /scan topic it says range max is 3.5 meters and actually some reading goes beyond this distance. The point is: how can i modify that value? Because i've tried modifying in Sensor.cpp the Custom laser range, but that doesn't work and also on yaml files i don't find any parameter referring to my laser range. Thanks for help!!

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answered 2018-06-08 04:41:56 -0500

According the specification of the laser scan message any depth measurements outside of the min-max range should be treated as erroneous and ignored.

As such I would assume these warnings can be safely ignored.

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Thanks for your answer. That's what i've done in the end and actually everything works. Just out of curiosity, is there any way to modify that or it's a way to prevent possible readings' inaccurancy beyond laser's range_max?

ryuzaki gravatar image ryuzaki  ( 2018-06-10 08:56:30 -0500 )edit

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