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When I use Matlab Ros toolbox, turtlebot3 tutorial simulation will not work.

asked 2018-03-23 00:07:38 -0500

Pujie gravatar image

updated 2018-03-23 10:14:50 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

It is so strange that I use link text, the fake node works. However, when I use Matlab Ros toolbox, and input some command like "rosinit", the tutorial doesn't work. It shows that image description

roslaunch turtlebot3_fake turtlebot3_fake.launch
... logging to /home/ise-admin/.ros/log/292cbdaa-2ea7-11e8-9362-509a4c311940/roslaunch-ise-linux-1-5245.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

xacro: Traditional processing is deprecated. Switch to --inorder processing!
To check for compatibility of your document, use option --check-order.
For more infos, see
No such file or directory: /home/ise-admin/catkin_ws/src/turtlebot3/turtlebot3_description/urdf/turtlebot3_.urdf.xacro
XacroException('No such file or directory: /home/ise-admin/catkin_ws/src/turtlebot3/turtlebot3_description/urdf/turtlebot3_.urdf.xacro',)
while processing /home/ise-admin/catkin_ws/src/turtlebot3/turtlebot3_bringup/launch/includes/description.launch.xml:
Invalid <param> tag: Cannot load command parameter [robot_description]: command [/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/xacro/xacro '/home/ise-admin/catkin_ws/src/turtlebot3/turtlebot3_description/urdf/turtlebot3_.urdf.xacro'] returned with code [2]. 

Param xml is <param command="$(arg urdf_file)" name="robot_description"/>
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

I have tried to check the turtlebot3_fake.launch, but it is same to github. I also tried rename a .xarco file as turtlebot3_.urdf.xacro, I copied the code from \ turtlebot3_burger.urdf.xacro to turtlebot3_.urdf.xacro. However, error occurs.image description

I want to know why the tutorial does work.Is there any relationship between the "strike" and "Matlab Ros toolbox"?

Thank you!

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Pujie gravatar image Pujie  ( 2018-03-23 00:24:27 -0500 )edit

Please don't use an image to display text. Images are not searchable and people cannot copy and paste the text from the image. Please update your question with a copy and paste of the text using the preformatted text (101010) button instead of using an image.

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2018-03-23 03:25:14 -0500 )edit
jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2018-03-23 03:27:02 -0500 )edit

Ok, I have added text for first picture, as for the second one, I just want to show that my method was not available.

Pujie gravatar image Pujie  ( 2018-03-23 09:51:25 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2018-03-23 21:27:59 -0500

Darby Lim gravatar image

updated 2018-04-05 07:54:42 -0500

jayess gravatar image

Hello :)

You have to set which TurtleBot3 you want.

$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL = burger


$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL = waffle_pi


$ roslaunch turtlebot3_fake turtlebot3_fake.launch
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Yes, this is parts of the problem. I solved it today. In recent days turtlebot3 has updated their code on github. So I update the code by git pull and export the variable(maybe change them in bashrc is good too) export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=burger export TB3_MODEL=burger Thank you for help.

Pujie gravatar image Pujie  ( 2018-03-23 21:48:22 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-07-21 23:56:20 -0500

AustinJia gravatar image

updated 2018-07-22 00:38:01 -0500

jayess gravatar image

It should be

$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=burger


$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=waffle_pi

and then

$ roslaunch turtlebot3_fake turtlebot3_fake.launch

NOTE: the = sign shouldn't have space between words

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Minor details like that should be rather posted as a comment on the first answer and not posted as a separate answer.

NEngelhard gravatar image NEngelhard  ( 2018-07-22 02:35:47 -0500 )edit

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