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catkin:command not found

asked 2018-03-09 21:50:54 -0600

Summer gravatar image

Ros-kinetic Ubuntu-16.04

I used ros yesterday,but today when I input$roscore to lauch my ros environment,the system points that : The programroscorehas not been installed. You can use the following command to install: Sudo apt install python-roslaunch

I followed with these prompts,finally I find my catkincommond is not found,and I should install it.

But I input "catkin" in the termial ,then use "tab",there echo some commands ,but no catkin . Is that means I already installed it? because I use sudo apt install ros-kinetic-catkin,it tells me is the latest version.

ada@ada-HP-Spectre-x360-Convertible-13-ae0xx:~$ catkin_

catkin_create_pkg catkin_package_version catkin_find catkin_prepare_release catkin_find_pkg catkin_tag_changelog catkin_generate_changelog catkin_test_changelog catkin_init_workspace catkin_test_results catkin_make catkin_topological_order catkin_make_isolated

I tried to install catkin by this command sudo apt install catkin,it points I should install python-catkin-pkg first,so I did. However,even I installed that, when I want to install catkin package, it still said I need install python-catkin-pkg.

And I do add this Environment variables source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash to ~/.bashrc ,and I have sourced it.

The really confused thing is ! I already used it to create some workspace,and it works well! I really do not know why I can use roscore yesterday ,but today I can't. Maybe I did some changes in the system,but I really don't know!

I really need help,Thanks!

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answered 2018-03-16 03:56:01 -0600

Summer gravatar image

I rewrote my ~/.bashrc file, added "source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash" to ~/.bashrc,and sourced it . It works.

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