ueye_cam sick camera

asked 2018-03-06 05:32:05 -0600

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I use the ueye_cam driver to connect to a sick pico camera which uses the IDS software suit to communicate with the camera.

I have a Dell Laptop and with a 4.90 version of the IDS SDK I am able to run both the ueyedemo file as well as the ROS launch files and view the camera images.

With a different PC (a NUC) I tried the same setup. I am able to view the images via ueyedemo but when I launch the ros file I get the following error.

process[nodelet_manager-3]: started with pid [23080]
process[ueye_cam_nodelet-4]: started with pid [23086]
[ INFO] [1520335517.730510392]: Initializing nodelet with 4 worker threads.
[ INFO] [1520335517.758321467]: Unable to open camera calibration file [/home/pem/.ros/camera_info/camera.yaml]
[ERROR] [1520335535.340484828]: Could not open UEye camera ID 0 (IS_NO_SUCCESS)
[ERROR] [1520335535.340673131]: Failed to initialize [camera]

Should I command the Ethernet port to read and write from/to devices? Would really appreciate your help.

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