Obstacle avoidance with only stereo or monocular Camera?

asked 2018-03-01 03:07:11 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

I would like to perform obstacle avoidance with only using Vision Camera. The application is similar to AV, it's for construction. So it's important the distance can be covered and max/ covering area (field of view) of the camera. I have done some research but still, have some doubts it should be used stereo or the monocular camera.

Firstly, stereo vision is a robust approach for obstacle detection but is limited by the baseline, because when it narrows, this gives rise to noisy estimates. Furthermore, two cameras limit the use of any compact crane for construction. Also, we can use with perspective references to estimate the desired orientation for the crane, but I have doubt that this can work only in structured environments. Also, It can use an appearance variation cue that works with the visual appearance of an image to estimate obstacle proximity, but depends on optical flow for achieving a higher performance.

So for using this camera in a crane for obstacle avoidance, path planning, Im not sure that this stereo camera is suitable. Also, the distance that camera can be covered and max coverage area can be a problem. So, is it monocular camera best solution?

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