tf error between camera link and robot link

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Dear all,

I am using Softkinetic Camera to provide depth and rgb images. There is existing ros package for softkinetic camera and it can generate and publish pointcloud. I use it for moveit to build actomap.

Problem is it always pops out error that Transform error: Lookup would require extrapolation into the future. Requested time 1519418829.336372746 but the latest data is at time 1519418829.326575994, when looking up transform from frame [link_4] to frame [softkinetic_camera_link] The setting of update rate of different parts is as following. The publishing rate of pointcloud is 25hz. The update rate of tf between robot states is 50hz and the update rate of tf between camera and world frame is 50hz. I tried a lot of settings but problem still remains. Any idea to solve this problem? However actomap still works even this problem exists. But the problem is when I remove the object from the scene, the previous voxel will not disappear. I am not sure whether it is because of tf error.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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