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Hello everyone, I'm working on a university project in which I have to create a simulated environment with gazebo and spawn a robot in there (I will have to move the robot in a further project). In order to do something more elaborated, I thought about creating a maze in which the wall corners are not necessarily perpendicular. To so, my plan is to create a model file - in which there are a main wall, a rotating wall and a central block that fills the corner between them - and include it many times into the world file changing dynamically some parameters so that the angle between the two walls and the central block will change accordingly. Is it possible? How can I do it? I'm not necessarily asking the whole process, some hints on how to proceed are fine. Thank you!

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I'm sorry to have to do this (because it looks like we don't want to help you, which is not true), but this is a Gazebo question and you're posting it on the ROS Answers forum. You have a much higher chance of getting good answers over at answers.gazebosim.org, so please repost there.

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If/when you do post on Gazebo Answers, please comment here with a link to your new question, so we can keep things connected.


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