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base_link to world transform

asked 2012-02-13 10:56:38 -0600

seanarm gravatar image


In a recent conversion from diamondback to electric, I noticed that my tf state publisher had stopped converting from 'base_link' frame to 'world' frame. With no changes in my own tf publisher or robot model between ROS versions, I can only assume something changed in some ROS package(s). Upon further inspection, the geometry stack changed quite a bit, with kdl moving out completely. I can't seem to pin down the exact change that's causing the problem. Can anyone help me resolve this problem and get back my 'world' frame?

Thanks, Sean

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answered 2012-02-13 12:09:57 -0600

seanarm gravatar image

In my state publisher, where I publish my other transforms with RobotStatePublisher::publishTransforms(...), I had to also add RobotStatePublisher::publishFixedTransforms(). Between diamondback and electric, RobotStatePublisher::publishTransforms(...) began to only publish transforms for moving joints. See the functions at line 78 and line 100 in robot_state_publisher.cpp (ignore the incorrect print statement for the second function). In order to publish fixed joint transforms, you must call RobotStatePublisher::publishFixedTransforms().

This problem is also referenced in this post: Why does robot_state_publisher skip publishing fixed joints.

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