Crash while loading gazebo_tutorial [closed]

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I am trying to run gazebo_tutorial and it has pr2_laser_snapshotter as dependency.

Previously it was launching successfully when I didn't have pr2_simulator stack, but I got suggestion from some answer on this QnA that if is reported missing then pr2_simulator stack is to be installed. And I did the same...

Now Gazebo is not even launching and below pasted log appears. I am newbie to ROS, so forgive if I am making any obvious mistake.

[gazebo-2] process has died [pid 24626, exit code -11]. log files: /home/cpz/.ros/log/2dbc1ab0-5608-11e1-83c2-d4bed98dd340/gazebo-2*.log ^C[robot_state_publisher-5] killing on exit [base_link_broadcaster-4] killing on exit [gazebo_robot_loader-3] killing on exit Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/simulator_gazebo/gazebo/scripts/spawn_model", line 330, in <module> sm.callSpawnService() File "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/simulator_gazebo/gazebo/scripts/spawn_model", line 237, in callSpawnService rospy.wait_for_service('/gazebo/get_physics_properties') File "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/ros_comm/clients/rospy/src/rospy/impl/", line 156, in wait_for_service raise ROSInterruptException("rospy shutdown") rospy.exceptions.ROSInterruptException: rospy shutdown [rosout-1] killing on exit [master] killing on exit shutting down processing monitor... ... shutting down processing monitor complete done

platform: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid amd64 ROS Installation: Thru deb packages from repository

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From the dump above, the most interesting part is missing. You just enclosed the log starting when you pressed Crtl-C. If you'd look and try to understand the log, you would see this!

Georg gravatar image Georg  ( 2012-02-13 02:14:08 -0500 )edit