LibViso2 process has died

asked 2017-10-20 15:04:50 -0500

Nishanth gravatar image

I am trying the libviso2 package for visual odometry in ROS jade.I am getting this error

usb_cam/image_proc-1] process has died [pid 16445, exit code -11

Is it because the this package is available for ROS distros upto indigo and not Jade? This is the the launch file

<launch> <arg name="camera" default="/usb_cam"/> <node ns="$(arg camera)" pkg="image_proc" type="image_proc" name="image_proc"/> <node pkg="viso2_ros" type="mono_odometer" name="mono_odometer"> <remap from="image" to="$(arg camera)/image_rect"/> <param name="base_link_frame_id" value="$(arg camera)"/> <param name="camera_height" value="0.5"/><!-- its 0.5 m above the ground--> <param name="camera_pitch" value="0.0"/><!-- camera is looking forward--> </node> </launch>

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I would get that exit code with the uvc_camera module whenever there was an issue with driver and device address. Can you post up the code that launches the camera driver? Also, does the camera just work, and can you view the frames on rqt_image_view?

psammut gravatar image psammut  ( 2017-10-20 22:01:37 -0500 )edit