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Can I control ports input / output of an industrial robot?

asked 2017-10-10 04:31:55 -0500

JADJER gravatar image

Is it possible to existing drivers of industrial robots (motoman, fanuc) to control ports input / output and to manage them?

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answered 2017-10-10 06:20:24 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2017-10-10 06:24:11 -0500

motoman_driver: partial yes: infrastructure is there (merged in ros-industrial/motoman#93), but ROS API is missing in the official ROS driver. This commit shows how that can be added, and is on the list to be merged upstream. Those commits should apply against current HEAD of motoman. You need at least v1.2.4 of MotoROS (on your controller) for that to work.

fanuc_driver: partial no: official driver doesn't have it integrated, but there is an implementation of this REP in antonxy/industrial_core.

One of the reasons why we're hesitant to integrate IO into those drivers is that we don't want to invent (and implement, and maintain) yet another bus/interface/system for (industrial) IO. There are enough, mature, interfaces already, and we'd rather people use those.

(Re-)using an existing fieldbus immediately also allows people to reuse their experience, existing hardware and tooling and support offered by the mfg of that hardware, which are all great benefits I believe.

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