Implementing matlab code using Robotics System Toolbox

asked 2017-09-27 20:13:58 -0600

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I am just a beginner with ROS. I anticipatedly apologize if someone gets offended with the basic nature of my question!

I wrote an algorithm using matlab. In future, I would like to implement this algorithm on a robot. I am planning to test run the validity of my matlab code on a ros-matlab interface using Robotics System Toolbox. Can anyone direct me how to do it? How can I run my matlab code in robotics system toolbox, do I need to change my matlab code? Will it work if I only develop a connection between rosmasater and matlab, without editting much my code?

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Your question is fine, but afaik what you are asking is completely documented in the matlab RST documentation. Have you looked at that? If something is not clear, we can perhaps help with more specific questions, but as RST is a Mathworks product, it might make more sense to ask them.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2017-09-28 01:35:12 -0600 )edit