ROS gazebo control

asked 2017-07-28 20:33:27 -0600

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My question is very similar to the thread

Only difference being I am totally following the rrbot tutorials on Gazebo for controller integration this time. Here-- I have done all the things exactly as told by them. Inside my rrbot_ws>src I created the three catkin packages rrbot_gazebo, rrbot_description and rrbot_control.

The rrbot launches perfectly in the gazebo and rviz, but I am stuck only in the controller integration part. I did this: roslaunch rrbot_gazebo rrbot_world.launch

Load the controllers for the two joints by running the second launch file:

roslaunch rrbot_control rrbot_control.launch (new terminal)(everything seems to work fine except...)

then the classic warning>> couldnt find controller manager After that I realize that no matter what topic I publish using for example rostopic pub -1 /rrbot/joint1_position_controller/command std_msgs/Float64 "data: 1.5"

Nothing changes in the gazebo simulation. I am totally clue less, someone please help Also I tried following the suggestions from the earlier link I posted on top, but I dont seem to get this namespace thing and how it works, also I checked controller manager package is installed

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