Clarification for GraspableObject Python object

asked 2017-06-29 05:08:53 -0600

shura04 gravatar image

I'm working with simple_grasping package for grasping, and using Python API to implement grasping for a 7 DOF arm. After perception, their definition of an object detection includes many, many things like the pose of the object, grasp points, dense point cloud points, dimension of the object and I'm having to figure out these things by doing, dir(object). I tried digging through the source code at grasping_msgs.msg but it's too complicated.

Has anyone worked with the same GraspableObject type before? Can you explain how this object is defined and what are the various methods it consists of?

Type of the object: <class 'grasping_msgs.msg._graspableobject.graspableobject'="">

The documentation here - offers very little explanation.

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