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Is there any equivalent method in python for pcl_ros::transformPointCloud() and if not, how to efficiently implement it?

asked 2017-06-24 00:29:39 -0500

nemesis gravatar image

I am working with the python-pcl library, and there isn't any equivalent function to transform a point cloud from one frame to another and output in the format of PointCloud2.

Are there any alternatives to this in python/rospy? Or I will have to implement one myself?

I was considering using the lookupTransform() from Tf and obtaining the translation and rotation values and creating the transformation myself somehow. Not sure if it will be an efficient way to do so or not.

Surprised that there isn't much work for PCL+ROS in Python even now.

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-07-10 11:24:26 -0500

paulbovbel gravatar image

updated 2017-07-10 11:24:34 -0500

There are some python bindings for pointcloud manipulation in the sensor_msgs package, and also some bindings for tf2 in tf2_py, but nothing written that would use both for transforming pointclouds.

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