editing leg_detector for relative position to turtlebot

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hey guys, although it seems to be pretty quiet in answers.ros.org , I will try to get some help anyways. maybe I can fix the problem myself soon and post the answer which might help other people.

Im still trying to implement person following on my turtlebot 2 with ros indigo. Im now getting the position data of persons through the leg_detector package and I can use it to generate motor commands for my turtlebot.

My problem right now is the fact, that the position of the human seems to be in a "global frame" and doesnt change as my turtlebot moves towards him. my goal is to just get the relative position of the human to the turtlebot so i can easily calculate my motor-commands (by simple p-controllers for angle and linear distance).

Im not really into transformations right now (sadly) so I just followed this tutorial: https://github.com/jstnhuang/cse481c_...

Im pretty sure I need to edit the leg_detector package so it doesnt transform the relative position of the legs to a global position, but I really dont know where to start :/ im also more focussed on getting into python, so the c++ syntax is quite irritating for me. maybe i dont even need the kalman filter mentioned in the tutorial.

help ist much appreciated!

best regards, stoevi

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EDIT: I just thought about a different method to get my position data relative to my robot by (re)transforming the "global position" (odom frame i think) of the human to the base_link frame. But again I dont really know how to manage that within my code and i cant find a good example :/

stoevi gravatar image stoevi  ( 2017-06-23 08:28:39 -0500 )edit