Prosilica Camera calibration error with binning

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Hi all,

I have a camera Prosilica GC2450, the resolution is 2448 * 2050. I want to use the images for LSD-SLAM. LSD-SLAM only accept the resolution of a multiple of 16. Then, I try to caliburate Prosilica GC2450 using camera_calibration (mono camera) with resolution 640 * 480.

Calibrate and Save processes are success. But, following error occured in Commit process.

[ERROR] [1496236878.801921996]: Camera_info resolution 640x480 does not match current video setting, camera running at resolution 1224x1025.

The setting of rqt_reconfigure are as follows.


commands are follows.

$roslaunch prosilica.launch
$rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure
$rosrun camera_calibration --size 8x6 --square 0.081 image:=/prosilica/image_raw camera:=/prosilica

I can get 640*480 images in Save process. Is there any issues with setting of caliburation?


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It would be useful to cut and paste the values the calibration came up with- either the stdout from or the file it saved (probably to a tgz in /tmp). And a single camera_info (rostopic echo /foo/camera_info).

lucasw gravatar image lucasw  ( 2017-06-06 16:05:16 -0500 )edit

It looks like different nodes/code-paths are interpreting differently what binning and width and height controls are actually doing- camera driver used binning to take 2448 x 2050 down to 1224 x 1025, another thinks 1280x960 bin xy 2 -> 640 x 480

lucasw gravatar image lucasw  ( 2017-06-06 16:17:30 -0500 )edit