Problem about the consistency of positioning results using robot_localization [closed]

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Hi Tom and everybody, I'm using robot_localization to solve the problem of mobile robot positioning. The sensors used are IMU, odometry(from wheel encoders), UWB. After tune parameters i got a good positioning result, then i found a problem that positioning results are not same, consistency when the input sensors' data (rosbag) are the same and parameters are the same. At the beginning, I think the reason is that the parameters are inappropriate, so i tune parameters for a long time, what is very unpleasant is that the result is still inconsistent. Then I am confused, What is the reason for the inconsistency and instability? Any help is appreciated. Thanks very much.

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I'm afraid I'll need a lot more information. Please post sample input messages, your configuration files, and, if the data isn't proprietary or sensitive, bag files.

Tom Moore gravatar image Tom Moore  ( 2017-09-11 03:04:29 -0600 )edit