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roslaunch Error: Cannot Launch Node of Type

asked 2017-05-08 02:15:32 -0500

abcdcadb gravatar image

I am trying to implement the following tutorial (

After following above instruction, everything almost is done, I ran "catkin build" without error. However when doing "roslaunch ./teleop_key.launch", I got this error: ERROR: cannot launch node of type [vrep_ros_clock_server/vrep_ros_clock_server_node]: can't locate node [vrep_ros_clock_server_node] in package [vrep_ros_clock_server]

I referred this link: to find workaround. rospack find vrep_ros_clock_server gave me the correct address of package vrep_ros_clock_server. My OS: ubuntu 14.06 ROS Indigo (similar author of the instruction) I also tried as the above link, delete package and re-create using roscreate-pkg, but the error still exists

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-05-08 06:37:15 -0500

hc gravatar image

The correct way to run this is: roslaunch ackermann_robot teleop_key.launch. or whatever your node name is , `roslaunch <node_name> teleop_key.launch

Hope this helps!

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