Summit_xl doesn't respond to ps3 controller

asked 2017-04-17 11:49:05 -0500

LewisG gravatar image

After installing all packages needed, I run the summit_xl_complete launcher, and the gazebo simulation begins, shows the robot, but the ps3 controller won't move it. After some investigation with an rqt_graph I find that the data from the remote is being read, but for some reason it isn't reaching its destination. Rostopic echo will reply me with messages containing the ps3 controler status in topics /pad_teleop/cmd_vel and /summit_xl_control_cmd_vel, but /gazebo/set_model_state won't, maybe this could be the source of the issue.

I would add an image of the graph, but as I'm a new user I'm still not allowed to :(

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