My virtual machine can not open the kinect one device

asked 2017-04-13 21:27:56 -0500

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updated 2017-04-17 22:47:33 -0500

When I install the libfreenect2 lib in my virtual machine, and I run the test program. I got the error bellow:

dragon@ubuntu:~/robot/camera/kinect/libfreenect2/build$ ./bin/Protonect

Version: 0.2.0

Environment variables: LOGFILE=<protonect.log>

Usage: ./bin/Protonect [-gpu=<id>] [gl | cl | clkde | cuda | cudakde | cpu] [<device serial="">] [-noviewer] [-norgb | -nodepth] [-help] [-version] [-frames <number of="" frames="" to="" process="">] To pause and unpause: pkill -USR1 Protonect

[Info] [Freenect2Impl] enumerating devices...

[Info] [Freenect2Impl] 6 usb devices connected

[Info] [Freenect2Impl] found valid Kinect v2 @4:2 with serial 021766664847

[Info] [Freenect2Impl] found 1 devices

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] opening...

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] transfer pool sizes rgb: 2016384 ir: 608*33792

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] opened

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] starting...

[Error] [protocol::CommandTransaction] bulk transfer failed: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT Operation timed out

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] closing...

[Error] [protocol::CommandTransaction] bulk transfer failed: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT Operation timed out

[Error] [protocol::CommandTransaction] bulk transfer failed: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT Operation timed out

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] releasing usb interfaces...

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] deallocating usb transfer pools...

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] closing usb device...

[Info] [Freenect2DeviceImpl] closed

Anyone can help me ??

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"found valid Kinect v2" are you sure you connect a Kinect 1?

NEngelhard gravatar image NEngelhard  ( 2017-04-14 10:03:22 -0500 )edit

Yes, I connect a Kinect One

Dragon gravatar image Dragon  ( 2017-04-17 22:45:20 -0500 )edit

Usually virtual machines don't play well with USB3 devices, I never succeeded at launching such a sensor inside a virtual machine.

Martin Peris gravatar image Martin Peris  ( 2017-04-17 23:25:41 -0500 )edit

Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I'm having a similar issue.

Maximus636 gravatar image Maximus636  ( 2018-12-17 14:03:02 -0500 )edit