footprint and footprint_padding for move_base

asked 2017-04-07 13:48:53 -0500

metal_lab_1 gravatar image

I am confused by the differences of footprint and footprint_padding. May anyone give me an explanation or link of tutorial?

From rviz visualization, in costmap_common, if I set

footprint: [[0.1, -0.1], [0.1, 0.1], [-0.1, 0.1], [-0.1, -0.1]], footprint_padding: 0.11

it is same as: footprint: [[0.2, -0.2], [0.2, 0.2], [-0.2, 0.2], [-0.2, -0.2]], footprint_padding: 0.01

However, the GlobalPlaner's plan result is different. Can footprint_padding be 0?

May I also ask what algorithm the move_base is using to detect if there is any "occupied" map pixel is within the footprint box or circle?


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