RGB-D SLAM created map is displaced

asked 2017-03-23 10:15:30 -0600

Tagga gravatar image


I have been trying to implement RGBDSLAMv2 (in simulation with a MicroSoft Kinect on the Erle-Copter Drone), but every time the camera position of the RGB-D map viewer jumps around all over the screen, creating a distorted map.

I have looked around everywhere but I am unable to achieve a good mapping from my simulated environment. Here is a screenshot of my situation: http://imgur.com/a/jzbxM

In the screenshot you can see the drone hovering (no movement) and to the right of if you are able to see the RGB-D viewer. Here you can see the yellow lines which indicate the historic movement of the drone. The problem here is that the drone never actually moved, and the lines are drawn by itself. As you can see it creates a completely distorted map.

Info: Ubuntu 14.04 trusty ROS Indigo Gazebo 7 Microsoft Kinect

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