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ERROR with Map_Server. Not able to open .yaml file. Using prebuilt Map with AMCL launch file- how to execute with RVIZ.

asked 2017-03-21 14:04:33 -0500

Shilpan gravatar image

updated 2017-03-23 13:55:40 -0500

I currently have made my map using Hector Slam and saved the map as .yaml file and .pgm .

I have downloaded the Navigation stack as well using git source: . Also ran catkin_make afterwards.

Now, I am trying to implement AMCL by placing my robot( irobot create 2) onto the map and do autonomous mapping.

I am getting an error when i run am amcl file... which says " MapServer could not open <.yaml> file." Please see attached for my code.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 10-48-08.png


I was able to upload map onto RVIZ, and executed amcl with proper tf/ messages. However, when I move the robot towards a location, the PoseArray points do not move. Please recommend a suggestion. Here is the screen pic. Screenshot from 2017-03-23 14-55-11.png

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I ran the following commands simultaneously.. roslaunch hector_slam_launch tutorial.launch rosrun map_server map_server <file>.yaml roslaunch amcl amcl_diff.launch

but received message "No laser scan rece

Shilpan gravatar image Shilpan  ( 2017-03-22 13:12:52 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-03-24 12:11:53 -0500

Shilpan gravatar image

rosrun map_server map_server <file_name>.yaml rosrun rviz rviz --> Add Map->topic /map

Issue resolved. Added tf code messages in AMCL launch file to configure with my robot.

Please see for follow up Q. link text

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