Use Turtlebot_follower with Kinect Re-position

asked 2017-02-15 07:53:20 -0500

Azwan gravatar image

Hai, I am now using turtlebot_follower (Indigo) but the Kinect (Microsoft v1) has been changed from the default position and the current position is about 1.5m high and it has been rotated to 180 degree from its default position. After going through some reading, there is advice that ask me to change the URDF and already did it. I checked the position of the Kinect in rviz and it shows that the Kinect is in its new position (1.5m high and 180 degree rotation). When I run back the program i.e. roslaunch turtlebot_follower follower.launch, the behaviour of the turtlebot is still not the same as the default Kinect position. For example, if I approach near the turtlebot (within the follower virtual box) until very close to it, it does not move at all (suppose the turtlebot move away from me). But if I move away, the turtlebot is following me.

Can anyone suggest me what I need to do for this problem? Thank you

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