Synchronized data between multiple robots

asked 2017-01-25 21:58:00 -0500

RafaelGB gravatar image


I implemented an application in which I have three robots, each one running it's own control node, and the ROS master running on a notebook. The control node is the same, however each robot runs its own instance of it, with a different namespace. There are some parameters that are used by the control algorithm. The nodes subscribe to a specific topic and I am able to change the value of these parameters by publishing messages to this topic: when the robots receive the message they change the variable to its new value. The idea is that, although each robot has its own copy of the variable representing the parameter, all robots always use the same values, so the variables must be synchronized. Is there a best way or good practice to implement something like that? I thought maybe using the parameter server to store the current value of each parameter, but I am not sure if this is the best idea.

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