Track faces when Kinect is mounted sideways.

asked 2016-12-13 17:44:01 -0600

JaredKoester gravatar image

I've got a Kinect mounted sideways on my setup, and it needs to stay that way, and detect faces. All the libraries I've tried don't recognize a sideways face. I have a node that publishes a PointCloud2 of the depth-registered colored point cloud rotated from sideways back to right-side-up, but I haven't found a library that accepts a PointCloud2 as input for face tracking. Any suggestions? The only thing I need the library to publish is a point in 3d space at about the center of the head or face.

Thanks in advance if you know of something, because that will save me from having to convert my PointCloud2 back to a disparity image just to feed it to the head tracker.

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