Is there some constrainning in compute_cartesian_path interface?

asked 2016-12-05 21:40:09 -0500

clark_txh gravatar image

I use compute_cartesian_path interface to plan a trajectory.

The first , I get success.It return 1.0.

the second, When I only chage the end effector's RPY , I get fail . It return 0.66.

It look like a link constrain.

why did I get the fail?

advance thank any help!

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this is my position data follow:

first: 0.447003182782,0.341700064972,1.20577053889,0.781268051614,0.578940708366,-0.115967196753,0.202483325242

second: 0.44698715363,0.341770861484,1.20561230051,0.671784296769,0.585057317444,0.0798341552241,0.447258651766

clark_txh gravatar image clark_txh  ( 2016-12-05 21:42:10 -0500 )edit

Is the second quaternion reachable with the specified position? How many DOF are you working with?

JoshMarino gravatar image JoshMarino  ( 2016-12-05 21:56:28 -0500 )edit