New to ROS, can someone point me to the right resources?

asked 2016-12-02 10:41:02 -0500

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Hi there,

I am doing my final year project at university on electric field sensing and mapping. I've been looking at the tutorials but I find them a little too vague/can't really find what it is I'm looking for. Firstly is it possible for me to purchase some cheap time of flight sensors and an odometer, interface these with ROS, and create a bag from them which I could use to make a map? If so how would I go about doing so? I don't really have the budget to get a robot or one of the scanning lasers on the supported list.

Secondly, what would I need to look at to successfully interface my electric potential sensors with ROS?

Sorry if I'm asking basic questions, and thank you for any help whatsoever :)


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If you find the tutorials don't give you the information you're looking for, I'd try one of the various Books written about ROS. I hear especially the By Example books are good for beginners (and A Gentle Introduction to ROS).

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-12-04 08:05:51 -0500 )edit