Best configuration for hector_slam and Rplidar 2

asked 2016-11-08 11:55:36 -0600

McKracken82 gravatar image

I have a freshly new Rplidar 2 that I'd like to use to build some maps with my basic iRobot2 create. I tried using gmapping, but apparently there are inconsistencies between the rplidar node and gmapping itself (that can be solved for Rplidar 1 following this link, but at a first sight, it doesn't work with Rplidar 2 - I'll open a separated question for this). Anyway, I decided to use Hector Slam, as "adverstised" on the Rplidar rosWiki page (actually the hector_mapping node of Hector Slam). I managed to build some basic maps, mainly without using the odometry, but what I noticed is:

  • The hector_mapping node often crashes with the recurrent message SerachDir angle change too large (I searched around and there are some solutions, like this)
  • The produced maps are really coarse grained (almost at the level of the ones I was obtaining with a kinect). In many videos and threads around I saw many maps done with the Rplidar that are much more defined than the one I'm getting.

Now, given that, my general question is: does anybody have accumulated enough experience to propose some really good configuration to use with hector_slam and Rplidar 2 on a wheeled robot, where for configuration I mean any possible configurable parameter (including publishing frequency of involved static transformation publishers)?

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